What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

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Laser Eyelid Surgery
BY Erik ON 13 Apr 2020

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser surgery on eyes involves many different types. One of which is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is performed to make changes to our eyelids. These are commonly treated because of ageing or weakened muscles in the eye area.

What is laser eyelid surgery and how is it done? Our expert doctors will make sure that they make precise incisions to remove excess fat, skin or muscle. The purpose of these incisions is to make your eyes appear younger and brighter.

Eyelid surgery and laser eye surgery cost vary from patient to patient, depending on the depth and severity of the procedure.

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If you’d like to know which eye laser surgery is best for your eye needs, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts will provide you with up to date information and costc based on your eye condition and overall health. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive health checkup to know which course of treatment is best for your long-term health.

What Can Eyelid Surgery Do?

Eyelid Surgery can lift loose and sagging skin to appear younger and smoother. It can remove fatty deposits that make the eye appear puffy and swollen. Plus, it can remove droopy lower lids that contribute to your eye bags. Most importantly, it can correct decreased vision due to the sagging lids.

Traditional Vs. Laser Eyelid Surgery

Both methods can deliver optimal results for your eyelids, as long as it is done by qualified surgeons and with proper care.

Laser eyelid surgery makes use of CO2 laser to make precise incisions with minimal bleeding and a faster healing process.

Because it has minimal bleeding, you can expect less swelling and bruising in the area. You will have a faster recovery time compared to a traditional surgery that uses a scalpel. Plus, there is less discomfort after the surgery. For these reasons, it is a more popular option for most patients.

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What Is Laser Eyelid Surgery And Should I Undergo It?

Surgical Eyes ensures you get the right treatment for your needs. Whether you prefer traditional or laser treatments, we have all the information you need. Which method has better benefits? Which works best for you? These are questions that only a medical professional can answer. So if you have questions like “What is laser eye surgery?”, only consult with medical professionals to help you gain more knowledge on the best treatments. Book your online appointment and get your answers straight from a team of experts. Every client is different, thus, we make sure we give premium personal information.