LASIK Eye Surgery Risks

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Lasik Eye Surgery
BY Erik ON 17 Sep 2021

LASIK Eye Surgery Risks

The laser eye surgery recovery stage is crucial. This is where many risks are involved after the surgery. Although not all patients experience complications, you may find yourself experiencing one, depending on several factors such as environment and overall health.

Laser eye surgery safe tips is what we always provide to our readers. But there are some possible side effects that you may experience such as dry eyes, glares, and halos. These side effects usually go away after a few weeks or months, considering you follow the right post-operative care.

Laser eye surgery pain is experienced after the treatment so you are given pain medications to relieve the pain. LASIK surgery is generally safe, as long as it is done on a qualified candidate.

Schedule Your Appointment With Us

Get in touch and learn more about laser eye surgery pros and cons. Once you book a consultation appointment with an eye professional, they will determine the right eye treatment for your condition. They will do an extensive overall checkup of your eyes and medical history. A comprehensive examination ensures that quality care will be provided and proper treatment is determined by the expert medical staff.

Medical Conditions That Can Increase Risks

An extensive medical history checkup is conducted to determine your risks in the procedure. Some medical conditions can increase the risks after the surgery. If you have certain conditions including autoimmune disorders, a weakened immune system, severe dry eyes, consistent changes in eyesight, and eye infections, you may not be qualified to have the surgery.

LASIK Surgery Is Possibly Not For You If:

You have a history of eye infection and have an eye condition that changes the cornea’s thickness, making it thin or bulge.

You have good eyesight with no vision problems. Or you have severe and poor eyesight such as severe nearsightedness.

Other factors that may hinder you from having the surgery is that if you have large pupils or eye changes related to ageing. Moreover, if you are involved in sports that hit the face, it is not advisable to have the surgery.

To make sure you laser eye surgery safe and security is accounted for, talk to your doctors about your concerns.

Helping You Keep Laser Eye Surgery Safe

Surgical Eyes chooses the best medical teams and staff to work with to bring you the most reliable information and recommendations. We only recommend accredited eye clinic with licenses to operate. Most importantly, the team of doctors and nurses are eye specialists that can assure quality care and effective results Reduce your LASIK eye surgery risks with our highly recommended experts. They specialise in ophthalmology and have the required skills and knowledge to help you reach your eye goals. Contact us today for a list of recommended clinics in your area or to find our more about the procedure.