Vogue Hailey Bieber 0VO 5440S W65613 52

Vogue Hailey Bieber 0VO 5440S W65613 52
Categories: Sunglasses
Brand: Hailey Bieber
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Sunglasses by Vogue are designed for people with an eloquent style and sense of originality. The name of the brand comes from the Vogue fashion magazine which sets trends all around the world. The collection by Vogue brings many different styles and amazing colour combinations in a timeless design. In collaboration with a model and fashion icon Hailey Bieber, a unique sunglasses collection was created in a simple, yet unique and fresh design. Get inspired by the street style queen Hailey Bieber and take your outfit up a notch with Vogue Hailey Bieber sunglasses. The women’s sunglasses Vogue Hailey Bieber 0VO 5440S W65613 52 are popular with everyone. Sunglasses frame The brown colour of the frame perfectly matches a warm skin tone and light brown, black or dark blonde hair. Rectangle frames are an ideal choice for those with an oval or round face shape. The frame of the sunglasses is made of high-quality plastic, which offers high durability, comfortable wearing, and an exceptional look. Sunglasses lens The pink lenses accentuate details and improve spatial perception. They slightly reduce color resolution. The sunglasses have gradient lenses that are tinted from top to down where the bottom of the lens is the lightest. The darkest tint at the top allows filtering of direct sunlight and the lighter tint at the bottom ensures sufficient visibility. This lens treatment provides better orientation in space and is ideal for drivers, for example, because it allows clearer vision in the lower part of the lens while reducing glare from above. The lenses are made of plastic, whose undeniable advantages are the light weight and crack resistance. The shades have UV 400 protection, which provides 100% protection from sunlight. The lenses of the sunglasses feature a category 3 sun filter (light transmission 8 - 18% ). They are suitable for intense sun exposure on the beach or in the city. Accessories We deliver the sunglasses in their original case. The colour of the case and its design may vary. The cloth supplied is ideal for cleaning and caring for sunglasses. Some models may come with a fabric bag instead of a cloth. For more information, follow our blog where we keep you up to date on the latest technologies and trends.