Vantio Multi-Purpose 4 x 360 ml with cases

Vantio Multi-Purpose 4 x 360 ml with cases
Categories: Contact Lenses, Lenses
Brand: Vantio solutions
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Vantio Multi-Purpose is one of the most versatile solutions for complex care for all types of contact lenses, including silicon-hydrogel lenses. It offers users optimal quality and price ratio that makes it one of the most popular solutions on the market. Vantio Multi-Purpose solution removes protein deposits, disinfects, moisturises and is also ideal for rinsing contact lenses. It is made in Italy, just like one of the best-selling solutions in our e-shop, Solunate Multi-Purpose. Vantio Multi-Purpose is a good alternative to other versatile solutions, such as: All In One Light, Zero-Seven Refreshing, Options Multi, Solocare Aqua, Max Optifresh, Horien Ultra Comfort. You can buy the Vantio Multi-Purpose solution exclusively in our e-shop and we also sell it in a great value multi-pack.