Systane Ultra Preservative-free 10 ml

Systane Ultra Preservative-free 10 ml
Categories: Contact Lenses, Lenses
Brand: Other eye drops
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Systane Ultra Preservatives Free are moisturizing eye drops designed to reduce irritation, burning, discomfort, or fatigue. Thanks to the composition without preservatives, they are also suitable for sensitive eyes. The Systane Ultra PF eye drops provide temporary relief from the dry eye symptoms caused by lifestyle or environmental factors. They can be also used for daily moisturizing of the eye surface during long-term or single use of silicone hydrogel and soft contact lenses. Benefits of the Systane Ultra PF eye drops: preservative-free, provide optimal hydration and protection of the eye surface, temporarily reduce burning and irritation caused by dry eyes, suitable for use with contact lenses, moisturize their surface and can be applied directly into the eye on contact lenses or used before and after application, reduce discomfort while wearing contact lenses and help to remove unwanted particles that can cause irritation.