Square Bitten Birch Bark Earrings

Square Bitten Birch Bark Earrings
Categories: Eyeglasses, cases
Brand: Etsy - ChieftainDesigns
Color: Grey
Size: custom
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These beautiful earrings are made from birchbark harvested in Wisconsin & finished in glass casings. The symmetrical pattern on the birch bark is achieved through biting directly onto the bark. Bitten birch bark is an ancient native art form. The elder women of the Woodland Nations created this traditional art by biting the birch with their teeth socializing around the campfire. The designs were often used for bead or quillwork. I am a passionate artist who uses the elements around me to create beautiful pieces of jewelry & art. Everything I make is one-of-a-kind made personally by me in my rural Wisconsin home. Please message with any questions. Thank you for shopping! Square Bitten Birch Bark Earrings