Nature Tool Box

Nature Tool Box
Brand: Etsy - ChildhoodMatter
Color: Green
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The Nature tool box was designed to encourage children to be outdoors, connect with nature & have a greater appreciation for the environment. Being outdoors helps children with a reduced risk of myopia, or nearsightedness greater exposure to bright light, which enhances health & mental performance; increased activity levels, & greater freedom to run, jump, & climb; opportunities for hands-on learning about physical forces & concepts; reduced stress levels, better moods, & improved concentration; more naturally-attuned sleep rhythms; & enhanced opportunities to learn social skills, overcome fears, & develop a lifelong connection with nature. The Nature Tool Box Contains: One book-On The Nature Trail Two wooden mandalas to create with nature materials One magnifying glass One bug viewer/magnifier One nature journal One pinecone birdfeeder (just add sunflower butter or shortening) One bean in a jar experiment with sequencing cards One reusable nature scavenger hunt One reusable nature color scavenger wheel Three leaves for leaf rubbings One nature matching/memory game One animal track activity Etsy only allows 10 pictures. You can see all the details on our website at tool box come with one book. Additional books can be added only on our site. As with all products, use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children 3 years of age & under or for the put everything in the mouth group. Pieces could be a choking hazard. Nature Tool Box