Lenjoy Monthly Comfort (6 lenses) + Vantio Multi-Purpose 360 ml with case

Lenjoy Monthly Comfort (6 lenses) + Vantio Multi-Purpose 360 ml with case
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Brand: Lenjoy contact lenses
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We offer an economy pack for monthly contact lenses Lenjoy Monthly Comfort with Vantio Multi-Purpose 360 ml solution. Lenjoy Monthly Comfort are monthly contact lenses that incorporate one of the latest technology with research and development from the UK. The high quality of Lenjoy Monthly Comfort contact lenses offers exceptional visual performance, long-lasting wearing comfort and optimal eye health. With their biocompatible hydration technology, non-slip surface, UV protection and light blue tint for easier handling, Lenjoy Monthly Comfort contact lenses are a great choice. Lenjoy Monthly Comfort wearers will appreciate the ability to record the usage date of a new contact lens pair. The fields on the inside of the left and right lens pack allow you to keep track of the replacement schedule. Lenjoy Monthly Comfort contact lenses have a high water content, which is crucial for wearing comfort. They are made with exclusive moisture technology that binds water and keeps the lenses fresh and moist all day long. The lenses create a hydrogen bond with the water so that the molecules become part of the lens and prevent dryness. Its unique design features a double-thinned rim that allows water and oxygen to circulate around the eye. The lens stays in place and there is no unpleasant rubbing of the eyelid when blinking. This minimizes the risk of irritation. The unique aspheric design of the lenses reduces aspheric aberration and enhances visual acuity even in low-light conditions, e.g. when driving at dusk, working at a computer or during sports activities that require fast focusing. Another advantage of Lenjoy Monthly Comfort lenses is their high level of protection against UV radiation through the second-class UV filter, which blocks 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB radiation. Lenjoy Monthly Comfort’s UV filters enhance the protection of the cornea from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. However, since contacts do not cover the entire eye area, it’s recommended to wear sunglasses with UV protection. Lenjoy Monthly Comfort contact lenses comparison table Lenjoy PureVision Air Optix Aqua Water content 55% 36% 33% Oxygen transmissibility 31.07 Dk/t 112 Dk/t 138 Dk/t Power range - Minus up to… -10.00 -12.00 -10.00 Power range - Plus up to… +6.00 +6.00 +6.00 Aspheric design Yes Yes Yes Handling tint Yes Yes Yes UV filter Yes No No Lenjoy Monthly Comfort contact lenses are a possible alternative for: PureVision Air Optix Aqua SofLens 59 Biomedics 55 Evolution Proclear Compatibles Sphere Frequency 55 Aspheric SofLens 38 Vantio Multi-Purpose is one of the most versatile solutions for complex care for all types of contact lenses, including silicon-hydrogel lenses. It offers users optimal quality and price ratio that makes it one of the most popular solutions on the market. Vantio Multi-Purpose solution removes protein deposits, disinfects, moisturises and is also ideal for rinsing contact lenses. It is made in Italy, just like one of the best-selling solutions in our e-shop, Solunate Multi-Purpose. Vantio Multi-Purpose is a good alternative to other versatile solutions, such as: All In One Light, Zero-Seven Refreshing, Options Multi, Solocare Aqua, Max Optifresh, Horien Ultra Comfort. You can buy the Vantio Multi-Purpose solution exclusively in our e-shop and we also sell it in a great value multi-pack.