Felt Eyeglass Case

Felt Eyeglass Case
Categories: Eyeglasses, Glasses, cases
Brand: Etsy - Feltfinds21
Color: Gray
Size: S
9.28 GBP
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Case great for your sun glasses, glasses. This case is made of eco-friendly felt material, protect your glasses from scratches & stains. To keep your glasses clean & safe. Easily to fit into your bag, handbag, backpack. Unisex portable & concise protective case is suitable for reading glasses, small, medium sized frame, even sunglasses, fits to women, men, adults, teenager, student etc. Glasses bag can be used to store credit cards & ID cards when a wallet does not. also can store your smart phone, jewelry, money & more.Enjoy this great Lightweight Felt Laptop Tablet Sleeve for Office or Home & on the go. This bag / Sleeve is so lightweight that you could take everywhere. Weight: 0.300 kg Not refundable. Eye Glasses Case, Merino Wool, Sunglasses case, Felt, Mothers Day Gift, Eyewear Felt Eyeglass Case