Ever Clean Plus 2 x 225 ml with cases

Ever Clean Plus 2 x 225 ml with cases
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Brand: Ever Clean
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Ever Clean Plus is a cleansing and disinfecting peroxide solution suitable for all types of soft and RGP contact lenses (including ortho-k). The solution is preservative-free which makes it suitable for extremely sensitive eyes and more demanding conditions. The Ever Clean Plus solution meets the expectations of those contact lens users who seek maximum comfort and safety for their eyes. Maximum cleaning effect is achieved with the help of the two-step tablet system. Thanks to its composition, the concertation of active oxygen during the first cleaning phase reaches maximum level - double of what peroxide systems with platinum catalyst may achieve. The outer white component starts the cleaning process immediately after being inserted in the solution and removes proteins deposited on the lens’ surface efficiently. Subsequently, the inner green component starts dissolving slowly and enables the disinfection of lenses and deactivation of hydrogen peroxide. After the two-hour process, the originally transparent solution of hydrogen peroxide turns into saline. The slightly green tint signals completion of the disinfection process. After the neutralization is finished, the lenses are disinfected, clean, neutralized and ready to use. The solution comes with a special barrel case and two-layer cleaning tablets. The solution 225 ml comes with 30 tablets. Non-neutralized solution must not come into contact with the eye! Instructions for use: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses, Place the lenses in the baskets of the lens case and fill the lens case cup to the line with Ever Clean Plus disinfectant solution, Add one Ever Clean Plus tablet to the cup containing the disinfectant solution, place the lens case lid and close the case, Gently shake the lens case up and down to ensure the inside is disinfected, Make sure the tablet has fallen into the solution so that neutralization can begin; store the case in a vertical position, The tablet will immediately begin to produce bubbles and when neutralization is complete (2 hours) the solution will be light green and your lenses will be disinfected, clean, neutralized and ready to use, Shake the lens case gently before removing the lenses, After removing the lenses, empty the case and let it air-dry. Ever Clean Plus replaces and improves the Ever Clean solution. It has an improved composition that removes lipids from the lens surface even more effectively.