Chiara Ferragni CF 1003/S K67 0J 57

Chiara Ferragni CF 1003/S K67 0J 57
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Brand: Chiara Ferragni
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Chiara Ferragni is a successful Italian blogger, influencer, and designer who has turned her name into a world-famous fashion brand. The Chiara Ferragni sunglasses collection is very playful and full of colourful and original styles. Their sunglasses with a signature eye logo will create a unique outfit in which you will immediately attract the attention of others. The women’s sunglasses Chiara Ferragni CF 1003/S K67 0J 57 are popular with everyone. Sunglasses frame The pink colour of the frame perfectly matches a cool skin tone and light brown or light blonde hair. Square frames are an ideal choice for those with a round, oval or triangular face shape. The frame of the sunglasses is made of metal, which holds its shape well and offers high stability and a unique look. Adjustable nose pads allow for a gentle alteration of the position and fit of your sunglasses. The nose pads will adapt to the nose shape and thus provide higher comfort of wear. The nose pads adjustment should always be done by an experienced optician to prevent damage or breaking caused by unprofessional treatment. Sunglasses lens The pink lenses accentuate details and improve spatial perception. They slightly reduce color resolution. The lenses are made of plastic, whose undeniable advantages are the light weight and crack resistance. Mirroring of lenses is characterised by a highly reflective surface of the lens. It reduces the amount of light that enters the eye. This ability makes mirrored sunglasses extremely suitable in very bright or glaring environments - for example, on sunny days or when skiing. The mirroring provides great visual comfort but can slightly distort colour perception. The shades have UV 400 protection, which provides 100% protection from sunlight. The lenses of the sunglasses feature a category 2 sun filter (light transmission 18 - 43% ). They are slightly lighter tinted than usual and are suitable for medium sun radiation and for casual wear. Accessories We deliver the sunglasses in their original case. The colour of the case and its design may vary. The cloth supplied is ideal for cleaning and caring for sunglasses. Some models may come with a fabric bag instead of a cloth. For more information, follow our blog where we keep you up to date on the latest technologies and trends.