Black & Silver Filigree Ornate Sunglasses "Khalida

Black & Silver Filigree Ornate Sunglasses "Khalida
Categories: Sunglasses
Brand: Etsy - PearlsandSwine
Color: Black
Size: L
65 GBP
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Hand-decorated black with silver filigree cherub sunglasses, the arms are also decorated with filigree. Please note: There is no ready-made sunglasses box large enough for these sunglasses. These sunglasses are wearable art & need to be treated with due care. While i have taken every possible care to make them sturdy throwing them in a bag careless may damage them. Treat them as you would a precious thing… Measurements: Inner arm to arm: 14cm Total width 16cm Weight: 60g Thank you in advance for not PM’ing me to haggle over the price or to ask for free things, I truly appreciate your support, I am a full time artist & this is how i make a living… I do offer layaway payment plans if you would like to support me but don’t have the funds… as I totally understand wanting to have pretty things but not always having money to do so. We all deserve pretty things & I am happy to help those who wish to support me. IF YOU NEED THIS ORDER SHIPPED SOONER I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS BUT PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING. If i can ship it faster i will… PRESCRIPTION LENSES: can be put in them BUT it must be done before i customise the sunglasses. I have a reglazer who can do it, i am told by my customers it’s super easy to & they are very affordable, just let them know that you are doing this via Pearls & Swine & let me know so i ship them to them not made up to you as they are to you: You order the lenses directly from them, buy the sunglasses from me, i ship the glasses to them (there is a 5 shipping charge for this), they ship them back to me, i customise them & ship to you. Black & Silver Filigree Ornate Sunglasses Khalida