Black Filigree Skull Heart Shaped Sunglasses "Heart Breaker

Black Filigree Skull Heart Shaped Sunglasses "Heart Breaker
Categories: Sunglasses
Brand: Etsy - PearlsandSwine
Color: Black
Size: custom
60 GBP
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Hand-decorated black heart ornate sunglasses. They are UV400. You can get these sunglasses in different coloured filigree! Currently my list is: Black White Red Silver (5 extra) Gold (5 extra) Yellow Orange Green Pink Pastel Pink Blue Pastel Blue HOWEVER most of my sunglasses base is red, white or black at this time. Just message me BEFORE the checkout to ask if i can change the colour! The filigree sunglasses are made of lots of little pieces of filigree i have moulded, so though the same filigree pieces are used the weight, measurements & placement may vary a bit. This is the joy of handmade items… they are unique & made one at a time to order. There is no ready made sunglasses cases to fit these sadly… it’s important to look after them. While you can totally wear them in a hot climate in direct sun, please don’t leave them in any extreme unventilated heat. Measurements: Inner arm to arm: 14cm Total width: 17cm Approx Weight: 44g Thank you in advance for not PM’ing me to haggle over the price or to ask for free things, I truly appreciate your support, I am a full time artist & this is how i make a living… I do offer layaway payment plans if you would like to support me but don’t have the funds… as I totally understand wanting to have pretty things but not always having money to do so. We all deserve pretty things & I am happy to help those who wish to support me. IF YOU NEED THIS ORDER SHIPPED SOONER I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS BUT PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING. If i can ship it faster i will… PRESCRIPTION LENSES: can be put in them BUT it must be done before i customise the sunglasses. I have a reglazer who can do it, i am told by my customers it’s super easy to & they are very affordable, just let them know that you are doing this via Pearls & Swine & let me know so i ship them to them not made up to you as they are to you: You order the lenses directly from them, buy the sunglasses from me, i ship the glasses to them (there is a 5 shipping charge for this), they ship them back to me, i customise them & ship to you. Black Filigree Skull Heart Shaped Sunglasses Heart Breaker