Biotrue Multi-Purpose 3 x 300 ml with cases

Biotrue Multi-Purpose 3 x 300 ml with cases
Categories: Contact Lenses, Lenses
Brand: Biotrue
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Biotrue Multi-Purpose is a multipurpose solution designed for cleaning, disinfecting, moisturizing, rinsing, and storing all soft contact lenses, including silicone-hydrogel lenses. The versatile Biotrue multi-purpose solution uses bio-inspired innovations. A lubricant with a pH balanced to a level comparable to healthy tears covers the lenses with a moisturising layer for greater comfort. It also maintains the activity of many beneficial proteins found in human tears. Biotrue Multi-Purpose helps to moisten contact lenses for up to 20 hours which highly improves wearing comfort. Biotrue Multi-Purpose solution combines unique innovations inspired by physiology with a dual disinfecting system.