Acuvue RevitaLens 2 x 360 ml with cases

Acuvue RevitaLens 2 x 360 ml with cases
Categories: Contact Lenses, Lenses
Brand: Other solutions
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Acuvue Revitalens is a new multi-purpose solution designed for soft and silicone hydrogel lenses. With Acuvue Revitalens you get the same disinfectant properties, as when using a peroxide solution, but with the comfort and simplicity of a multipurpose solution. This versatile solution is designed for disinfection, moisturizing, rinsing and storing of contact lenses. It efficiently removes surface deposits, including lipids and proteins while being gentle to the eyes. Acuvue Revitalens is produced by using advanced technology, which offers unique disinfectant properties while providing excellent lens wearing comfort throughout the day.