90S Vintage Micro Sunglasses. Tiny Black Matt Round Pure Fashion Classics. Bnwt. Unused Nos

90S Vintage Micro Sunglasses. Tiny Black Matt Round Pure Fashion Classics. Bnwt. Unused Nos
Categories: Sunglasses
Brand: Etsy - YouaretheBrandLondon
Color: Black
Size: S
20 GBP
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Original 90s matt black super micro sunglasses.These are ahead of the curve fashion that will become mainstream in a year from now. They will give you a genuine facefull of eccentricity, guaranteed, but we wouldn’t recommend you wear them to meet your bank manager, unless you make a lot of money from being eccentric. Of course, if your are big on instagram, then these will surely help you to make it to that level. Please don’t order these & complain that they are too small. They are deliberately made to be small in order to produce an unusual effect & that is why theres an amount of extension from the round lens surround to the side corner. We have the same model in opaque white also. Full UV protection. Thats the informative element done & now for the bit of fun element since everyone wants a ‘behind the scenes’ peek into the reality. & the reality is, the Etsy platform has faulty algorithms that put undue weight on bad reviews. These specific shades have an unusually high number of reviews, nearly all of which are good, presumably because they also have an unusually strong effect on the wearing experience for peoples reaction, I assume but don’t really know. However there are 2 extremely bad reviews by the same person redglass which are given 1st page prominence over all the other good ones. It is written by a bona fide 34 carat hustler who in fact ordered the 2 colours of this model, obviously with the intention of returning the colour they didn’t want once they tried them on. Fair enough that often happens. However instead of accepting to pay for return postage ( as specified in our conditions, since after all we’re not in the business of paying for people to try things on ) she invented faults in order to bully us. She took a picture of the glasses with the arm half way open, & said, look the arm doesn’t open they’re damaged, give me money. Sadly I’m not making this up or even needing to exaggerate. But here’s the fun part that I will use as a more amusing comparison to make my point, & justify why she is a hustler. Its like taking delivery of a new car from a dealer to your address, opening one of the doors, takjng a picture of it & sending the picture to the dealer & saying, hey this door doesn’t close, refund my money immediately, oh & FU I’m keeping this faulty car too. On top of this she put a malicious review for both pairs including, yes you guessed it, the black one which she had mysteriously no problem with at all, despite being identical to the white pair!! Except of course for the ‘fact’ that the arm developed chronic arthritis in the post & couldn’t be opened despite me having tried it on twice during quality control before sending, partly as a matter of routine & partly because she had messaged at the ordering stage to say ‘make sure these glasses are perfect as I will give you a bad review if not. So yes people, that is the true behind the scenes glamour of selling online. frame width (outside widest point): 129mm frame