50S Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses. Phenomenal Feather Winged Womens Cateye in Exquisite Pink Lustre Acetate With Luxury Real Glass Lenses. Nos

50S Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses. Phenomenal Feather Winged Womens Cateye in Exquisite Pink Lustre Acetate With Luxury Real Glass Lenses. Nos
Categories: Sunglasses
Brand: Etsy - YouaretheBrandLondon
Color: Pink
Size: S
85 GBP
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If we were really in the 1950s right now, we would have advertised these in print format declaring something along the lines of Instant charisma can be yours, to switch on like a light. Behold the men of your dreams flock & fall at your feet. Happy ending guaranteed for just 85. Sadly, in an age where Red Bull got sued by someone because it did NOT give them wings ( it’s true ) we couldn’t put this on the headline, but we still happen to believe it’s true. It’s ingenius feather winged design makes it hard to believe this is already an antique which could’ve been created today & would still be perceived as innovative. It also means that even if you have a formidable collection of period cat eyes this is a whole new proposition. This is partly because they are coming from an uniquely European perspective. We wouldn’t want to get into a debate on the relative merits of the American vintage VS European but we’ll just say that theres a very good reason why ‘je ne sais quoi’ is meaningful & illogically accurate. Superior quality throughout with impressive 5 barrel hinges & glass lenses which we are quick to remind is now a specialist product in todays market thats exponentially more expensive than plastics in exactly the same way as laminate vs wooden flooring/worktops etc. Unused NOS condition. The pictures make the the pink acetate appear yellowed in our lighting but this is not the case in normal use as the pink acetate is the front layer. We’re not going to skirt around a problem relating to the hinge housing with this pair. There is an amount of movement on both sides which has come about from the technical trickiness of sitting the hinge into a totally curved area. They are stuck solidly in their rightful place & will not be dislodged unless mistreated. in other words, you know the problem, you open them up, put them on, handle with care, & put them away when you’re done soaking up compliments from strangers. We accept some people will be freaked out by this so it’s not for them. But if you love & live vintage like I do, you will take it in your stride like anything irreplacable with a moth hole or shoes that are a half size too small. We also have these in a grey colour in perfect condition. We wouild suggest that the smaller your facial dimensions the better they will look. . frame width (outside widest point): 148mm frame height: 44mm bridge width: 18mm inside hinge to hinge: 123mm Shipping guidelines Returns accepted within seven days of receiving. Buyer must pay for return postage. UK 1st class recorded. Approximately 2 days. UK Express. 1 day. This is a prohibitively expensive service. Europe EU. Approximately 7 to 10 days. Europe Non EU. Approximately 7 to 10 days. North America. Approximately 10 to 14 days. Rest of the World. Approximately 10 to 14 days. Uk combined up to 3 items for stated price 2 for each extra item Europe & USA & the rest of the world stated price + 2 for each extra item. Ref: 73-19 50S Vintage Cat Eye