3D Printed Easter Island Nose Glasses Stand

3D Printed Easter Island Nose Glasses Stand
Categories: Eyeglasses, Glasses
Brand: Etsy - 3dPrintworksShop
Color: Black
Size: custom
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I think having a glasses stand is pretty important for a variety of reasons. It helps protect them by having a safe spot to put them when not in use. If you’re anything like me, then having a specific spot to put things is the only way I can keep track of them. For example, I have mine sitting on my desk next to my computer holding my blue light glasses. It’s also just fun to have a little statue wearing your glasses. Color in the photos is Marble. Color in the video is Fossil. Premium Color Chart: 1. Black Marble - black base with white specks 2. Marble - white base with gray specks 3. Black Glitter - black base with glitter 4. Rose Gold - mildly translucent pink base with gold shimmer 5. Purple Glitter - purple base with glitter 6. Blue Glitter - blue base with glitter 7. Green Glitter - green base with glitter 8. Silver Glitter- silver base with glitter 9. Red Glitter - red base with glitter PLA (polylactic acid) is a biodegradable plastic made from plant starches. It is strong, light, & better for the environment. International shipping from the US is outrageously expensive. My shipping charge is the minimum for any international parcel service. Bright side, the more awesome stuff you get, the less shipping costs per item. There is also the possibility of import taxes. If that’s a concern for you, it might be beneficial to check your country’s guidelines regarding imports. 3D Printed Easter Island Nose Glasses Stand